Jazz by Elizabeth Brown

“I’ve been a singer since I was two years old,” Liz says – and she wishes she’d started recording sooner. A love for jazz standards and classics has prompted the selection on the CDs: all these songs have great tunes and complex harmonies. Life in northern New England – the weather – prompted World Enough and Time; her kids’ amazing weddings and relationships led to Extraordinary Weddings!

Some wonderful musicians helped her realize her dream – Mark Kross, Dave Westphalen, and Tim Gilmore are the combo. Liz loves to participate at Interplay Jazz and Arts.

In her other lives, Liz has been a language teacher; she’s a GAL for abused and neglected children (CASA), she makes brooms for the Enfield NH Shaker Museum, and she’s active in OSHER@Dartmouth.

Extraordinary Weddings was released on December 29th, 2014 – it’s available here, through CDBaby, on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc.

perform_sing1-600x450-SingSusan           big tree           Liz making a broom at Enfield Shaker Museum           Liz singing

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